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Daily sales of aquatic products and seafood exceeded 25 tons


Yesterday the weather though suck to floating in the rain, the people who buy special purchases for the Spring Festival enthusiastic but did not be dousing the drizzle. In the Expo venue and the main venue of Xijin Jiangsu runkang cold batch market is still bustling, did not go to the New Year Fair of the people still call the two meeting Business Hours. Today there is still rain, but if you do not love the shuttle in a sea of people, may wish to take advantage of this time to visit the Expo year.

Hot - hairtail

The cheapest is less than 10 yuan a Jin

Yesterday morning, the sky floating a little rain, Zhu Fang Road Jiangsu runkang cold batch market as usual there are many people in the preparation of special purchases for the Spring Festival. The reporters found that the fish these days has been the venue's flagship product, and even some people in the boxes to buy.

In the market of cold storage door, the reporter saw, cold storage direct point by a gang of people around, sales staff busy in full swing. Surnamed Wang, the sales staff said that their main sales of aquatic products, frozen food and Hot pot material, two days of sales is getting better. A selection of hot pot material aunt said, all kinds of Meatballs all 12 yuan / Jin, the price is not much cheaper, but she bought before, the taste is very good.

Than hot pot material also sell hot, that is frozen good hairtail, a few old people buy a box directly, a box of mostly more than ten pounds. "Our octopus, the cheapest, count down 10 yuan a pound, less than the outside market a few dollars cheaper?"." The staff member said.

Jiangsu embellish Kang cold batch market related person in charge, these days, their aquatic products, seafood daily sales reached 25-30 tons between, sales volume is considerable.

- in addition to products

The main meeting hall also has these gadgets

What's on at the main meeting of the Expo? Reporter to remind you that in addition to far apart from each other's specialty, there are many practical gadgets in Bo meeting, such as boiler bowl, tea pot, end clip, presbyopic glasses......

In the microwave oven, the dish which has just turned hot is not convenient, and it is easy to dirty with cotton gloves. Therefore, a small clip which is specially used for lifting the dishes at the end of the pot is on fire. By the stall listed into a row of black little clip, very inconspicuous, each 10 yuan. He basically sold 100 a day, the boss said.

The old people hand a pair of reading glasses, often because of improper maintenance of scratched lenses or accidentally broken. During the fair, 40 yuan a pair of South Korea's "unbreakable" presbyopic glasses to attract a lot of attention in the elderly. Reporters doubt whether it really fell bad, the boss on the spot mercilessly threw his glasses on the cement floor. It turned out that the way the glasses were folded was specially treated, and the lenses could be protected when the frames were joined together. If you are in doubt at the time of purchase, you may ask the boss to try it on the spot".

Although the weather forecast today is sleet, it will be better tomorrow. The closing time of the Expo is January 10th. If you haven't come to the fair yet, you should take your time.