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Dalian Wan Da Yuan Food Co. Ltd is a young and mature, stable and dynamic enterprise. Thirty years of entrepreneurship, thirty years, thirty years of harvest we adhering to the "technology pilot, facing the world, Dalian dedication, never first-class" spirit of enterprise and innovation, quality excellence, integrity and self-improvement, to serve the society "the purpose of the company, with great enthusiasm to create and implement dynamic management mode of enterprise the development and innovation, is committed to the field of seafood, the accumulation of a rational structure of the personnel, develop and provide quality products and services. Efficiency comes from diligence. line into Si. I believe that as long as we all work hard, diligently study, thinking to make painstaking efforts to create not sticking to formalities, and face the challenge bravely, we will be able to build Dalian Dayuan million food limited company to become the world's leading aquatic food enterprises innovation. Because of this, we are as hopeful and confident about the future as you are.

In the 21 world starting line, in the great undertaking in the new century, based on the international brand, and appreciation of forging Yinggong, and strive to create international enterprises.

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